Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007

this is my husband beejay whom i love very dearly, and our house mate brian, whom i love too.

so i have decided i need a hair cut. bad. not just a cut or a trim, i mean like like 100 bucks worth it cut. studying hebrew sucks i have alot to learn between today and tomarrow. my dad is free. and well hopefully things are really truely over like never do it again kinda stuff. this is what i look like when i am happy, and feeling fresh. right now i feel unstatisfied and confused. booo.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

this is now a post about people i love. here is #2 KATIE THOMPSON

she is my soul mate. and i miss her terribly.

mmm. what a beautiful day. my stomach is growling, but i just finished my DOCTORINE 1 exam so i am feeling fresh. i skipped hebrew today and that is going to kill me i have to study for years tonight. yeah. here i am already with nothing to write. all the things i want to write i dont want you to read. life at home in louisville is chaos and my dad is always telling stories, its like i will never know him. have you ever seen the movie Big Fish, its about a guy whose father is dying and all his life his dad has told him fabulous stories about his life but they are too out landish to be true. so he goes on a hunt to find out who his dad really is. this is my dad. i know some things about his past that i trust to be true, but everything else is a web of lies, just piled up over years. to protect me maybe, but i think its an adiction, he cant help himself and if you confront him he just denies everything. bah its so frustrating... so its one part of my life i am allowed to be apathetic, and issue i have delt with greatly. BUT i feel it is no use to rawl him up with confrontation, instead i just love on him, listen to his stories through the phone and quietly shake my head. my children await at fairy land. i must retrieve them.

oh yes this is my sister... i love her dearly. really she is fabulous!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

So here i am, its been years since i have "blogged" and right now i want more then anything to just complain to this. but no. i am more focused on no studying and wasting time. the feeling of betrayle is all over me. thick. and i love processing my thoughts outloud in silence. its like i am screaming to this whole library. shit. i am pissed off. but no... i am just relieved to write it here and then smile on at my fellow students. bah. i am sure i will post alot and thn forget about this thing. eventually deleting it. oh yeah its nice out today... and i am inside.