Friday, January 22, 2010


me and my sister. we will both graduate (hopefully) on may 8th of this year. me at 10 am and her at 2 pm. me in chattanooga and her in lexington. hmmm. also its mothers day weekend. my mother is having a fit. I am happy to say i just want to get through this. so far (2 weeks in) I am barely surviving but i am hopeful. swine flu has me pretty down and out right now but in a week or so ill be back on my feet fighting my way through the next 15 weeks until i GRADUATE COLLEGE> with my sister. my favorite.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas time...

our yearly cousin picture. look at us grow. beautiful smialek girls.
23 years christmas morning we take the same photo... well i guess for the first couple of years i would have been in it alone. haha. i love my families christmas traditions, at the smialeks we always celebrate on christmas morning, we eat grandma joan's breakfast casseroles.(one cheese, one bacon, and one sausage. yum!) and on christmas eve we always celebrate with my mother's side the cash's. we play games, have lotteries and raffles its all just a little unusual but always a good time. who doesn't want a ten dollar gas card?