Sunday, May 10, 2009

Add Imagethis is cooper. my friend stacie's son.
and this is kenny at the derby, complete with derby hat and derby mint julip!
so i came to write on here. but beejay just called to ask where i was. and i realized i ahve groceries in the car..... popsicles.  OOPS

oh yeah i think i really like taking pictures.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

so close.

so close i can taste. it to a summer of fun, but these pesky finals are in way, and i kinda wanna ust swat them away, which is presicely what i am doing right in this moment, not studying. i wannt go out to eat and sit on the patio and sip a soda alll night long and then when it s getting dark go on a long walk around town.


but no ill probably be crammed up in this dusty and stuffy library in silence, procrastinating, pretending to work too afraid to just admit defeat. and so i go on. 2 finals tomarrow. i really got to study, my grades are kinda crappy this semester but i am going to just not care. i wana go play. i think i do need to go out on the town, and maybe ill study there. its like i got one bite out of summer and now. well you know. once you pop you cant stop.

i should really just study a ton, probably pull an all nighter and whip out some A+ 's on these test. but lets be honest.....