Tuesday, March 31, 2009

so i am overwhelmed. i want to be excited about spring but it makes me just want to roll in the wet grass and give up on school. I need some major motivation.  school it just dragging me down and i feel like i cant catch up. feeling so pooooy lately going out and about is about the only that cures my school time blues. bah but then i still dont wanna go back to school its like my batteries will never recharge.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

here we are again.

okay so its been forever, isnt that what i alway say when i start to journal or blog again? really jaime, get with it. winds are changing, life is showing me what real friends are, and how to love people where they are. My love bougth me a camera so that i can take photos on a new level. man i am really not sure why i put off buying a nice camera for so long, money holds me back way to often.  so here i am again on my mountain just pushing through life, trying to make the bast of it, and really struggling. I have made a pact with myself not miss another class until school is out. only like 5 or 6 weeks. i think i can hold to gether and pass. then 2 more semesters of light loads and i am done. finally done. done with this mountain, which is what i have wanted for so long and now that the end is in sight....  i am not sure. i am nervous. its like all through higschool i just wated out now i would LOVE to go back. i had so much fun during that time in my life all the while wishing it away. i need to embrace what i have here.

these are kylie's feet. i love them dearly, i have been a nanny for kylie nelson and jane for 2 years now. and we are really grown on each other. i really hope to work for their family for the rest of my time here, they are great little models when i need to take some pictures and they are really fun to spend my time with. kylie is my favorite, i see so much potential in her, she is beautifula nd talented and has a very level head and a great sense of humor. you know now that i think of it at this piont in out little photo shoot kylie and jane traded dresses. these are jane's feet and i love them too.